We are Joint Venture & Co., a business development agency partnering with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses to increase their market value and brand exposure.

We take a holistic approach to help you navigate the complex medical, adult-use, and wellness cannabis industries to deliver your product or service to your customers with trust and integrity.

Our aim is to cultivate an authentic, connected experience between your product or service and the world.

Because authenticity matters.

About Joint Venture & Co.


Ann Brum, Founder

Ann Brum is a sought-after expert in the cannabis industry and draws on her 10+ years of experience to help her clients navigate and master the complexities of the medical, adult-use, and wellness marijuana markets. Her goal is to make any client, whether a first-time cannabis user, a large dispensary or a healthcare organization, comfortable with both personal and business decisions in the cannabis and wellness arenas. To achieve this lofty ambition, she creates authentic, connected experiences and facilitates out-of-the-box thinking between the public, community organizations, and industry.

Ann is an altruistic, strategic leader who is obsessed with creating long-term value and visibility for an organization's brand, markets, and relationships through a process that is based on integrity, respect, and credibility while maintaining alignment with the organization’s mission and financial goals.

Her previous experience integrating wellness approaches into healthcare through Heart of Reiki and Ascend Hospice has positioned her to serve as a bridge between the cannabis industry and healthcare professionals/organizations to enable mutual understanding of the rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and opportunities available to both worlds. In addition to expanding health and wellness programs throughout Massachusetts, she has guided thousands of Massachusetts patients and their families through hospice and long-term care, and has seen first-hand how complementary therapies can enhance traditional care in a variety of settings. She performed similar work at a medical marijuana dispensary, helping many individuals and their caregivers navigate through the immense cannabis domain to wellness, which inspired her to establish Joint Venture & Co as a pillar of supportive services in the cannabis and wellness space while delivering the fundamentals of cannabis information to new entrants to the medical and emerging adult-use cannabis markets.

Joint Venture & Co is a Boston-based business development agency that helps companies in the cannabis space mature in an organized and sustainable way through a range of services including strategic consulting, public relations, product/service launching, branding, event planning, and more. We combine deep expertise with real-time delivery of information about the cannabis market to enable our clients to explore possibilities in the health and wellness industries while minimizing risk.



We have helped our clients expand their medical marijuana services statewide, develop their brand, produce state-wide events series, and launch a citizen science data project. See what we can do for you by exploring our “Services” below. If you have needs that are not listed here, please contact us so we can work with you to meet them.

 Brand and Market Development:

  • Strategic counseling

  • Brand architecture

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand positioning

Engaging Events:

  • Concept development and project management

  • Product/service launch

  • Public affairs

  • Investor relations

Communications and PR:

  • Public speaking & appearance agreements

  • Executive & partnership communications

  • Content origination

  • Media coverage and events

Marketing and Advertising:

  • Campaign development

  • Marketing planning

  • Digital and Social Media planning


Working with Ann for the last 18+ months has been an absolute pleasure. Together we have strategized a precise way to spread our message and core values far and wide. Ann has been an integral part of fulling our mission to get Medical Cannabis to the patients who need it most.
— Rob Durante, Director of Operations at Medwell Health & Wellness
Ann & the Joint Venture & Co. team helped me define the core ideas behind my brand’s identity thus allowing us to develop a rock solid brand strategy
— Clinton, Owner & Alpha of Wolfpack Gardens


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